Driving Heart into Finance

Join a community of emerging leaders changing the face of people experiences in banking and finance.

The Change the Face Community

Join a community of emerging leaders and change makers, rising above the status quo in banking and finance

Collaborating together to design human-centric organisations for the greater good of their employees, suppliers, customers.

Supporting their long-term goal of creating an impact bigger than themselves!

You recognise the future of work has shifted

You know the world of banking and finance is being disrupted and not just by tech

You want to turn the traditional business model completely on its head

Create a new way of being.

Whether you are a leader who 'gets it' or have been given ownership to help change the face of your people experiences, this is where you'll find the inspiration, tools and strategies to form a new approach. 

Powerful People Experiences (PPX) has your people taking action, having fun and getting results. 

Cultivate 'human' leaders who have empathy, humility and compassion

Build out CORE TEAMs - engaged employees, who are seen, heard and valued

Create thriving cultures which fuel innovation, creativity and growth

Reduce unhealthy stress, burn out and bullying in the workplace and create a business where everyone loves coming to work everyday

Reduce hiring costs, increase retention and provide roles which employees want to do, not just have to do

Maximise positivity, productivity and performance

Let's connect, communicate and collaborate - lead positive change in banking and finance, improve mental health in the workplace and help scale our businesses and portfolios successfully and sustainably - with less stress!

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